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Mobile Welding Services for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Settings

Anker Mechanical Welding Ltd offers all types of welding services for many applications and settings such as:

  • Residential - projects such as metal stairs, railings, tables, shelving etc

  • Light industrial - workshops, factories, manufacturing plants

  • Institutional - hospitals, health centres, schools

  • Commercial - office buildings, shops / shopping centres, airports, sports arenas, restaurants 

You can rely on our team of skilled and experienced welders to complete every task, even the most complex, to the highest standard.

What is Welding?


Welding is the process of using heat  to permanently fuse pieces of metal (and sometimes other materials).

There are numerous types of welding techniques, some of which are completely manual (using hand-held tools) and some which are fully or semi-automated or mechanical (utilizing machinery).

Welding is used in the buildings, vehicles, machinery and equipment that make up every aspect of our lives. Whether it is the creation of metal-based structures, sealing gas or heating pipes or making repairs, welding is required in many tasks.

Our team is skilled in many different styles of welding enabling us to assist with all welding jobs large or small, including:

  • Pipe welding

  • Repair welds

  • Structural welding

  • Welding fabrication

Our Welding Services

Anker Mechanical offers custom welding fabrication and repairs at our metalworking shop in Victoria BC.

Working with your specific requirements, we can fabricate anything your business requires including:

  • Machinery

  • Machinery housings

  • Custom containers

  • Pipes, including pipe joinery

  • Railings

  • Metal walls

  • Gates, solid or decorative


Aluminum Welding Near Me

We have the skills and equipment to weld with almost any metal material including:

  • Aluminum welding

  • Galvanized steel welding

  • Stainless steel welding

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal welding

Our shop enables us to take on large-scale jobs, away from your worksite – keeping disruption and mess at your place of work to a minimum.

For welding projects completed in our shop, we do offer on-site fitting and installation options – making us a one-stop shop for your welding needs. 

Mobile Welder Near Me

For many projects that require welding assistance, it would be impractical if not impossible to bring the machinery or structures involved to our metal shop. 

That’s when we come to you instead! 

Anker Mechanical offers complete mobile welding services to bring our welding repair and fabrication services directly to your worksite.

We offer our mobile welding service across the whole of Vancouver Island. Our welding truck houses all the equipment we need to complete tasks onsite and on time. 

Whether you are looking for a fabrication welder, a structural welder or a class b pressure welder, Anker can help with tasks such as:

  • Heating and ventilation unit construction including welding pipes

  • Custom on-site fabrication 

  • Fabrication and repair of structures such as railings, gates, doors and stairs

So, when you are searching for ‘mobile welding near me’ remember Anker is your local on-site mobile welding service supplier in Victoria BC and we service the entire island.

Whatever your industrial, institutional or commercial welding needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Anker Mechanical Welding Ltd. We’re pleased to offer our specialized welding services at your site or at ours.

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