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Boiler Installation Victoria BC

Commercial boilers are large appliances used to heat water for commercial buildings. They're often found in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings where there's a need for hot water. Commercial boilers are usually installed at ground level near the building's heating system. They're typically made of cast iron or steel and come in various sizes.


There are two main types of commercial boilers: gas-fired and electric. Gas-fired boilers use natural gas to create heat, whereas electric boilers use electricity to create heat. Both types of boilers are safe and reliable, and they're typically very efficient at generating heat.

Gas-fired boilers are usually cheaper than electric ones, but they require regular maintenance and cleaning. Electric boilers are more expensive upfront, but they last longer and require fewer repairs.

There are also combi-boilers which combine the functions of two major appliances into one: the water heater and the boiler.


These units heat cold water on demand and draw it from the mains. After the water has been heated, it is either circulated through the boiler system to heat the building or distributed to the water lines and faucets to supply hot water to wherever it is needed. 


All three types of commercial boilers work well in most applications. However, there are some situations where only one type of boiler works better than the other.

For example, electric and combi boilers are great for small spaces because they require very little space. On the other hand, gas boilers are great for large spaces because they produce hot water quickly. 

Boiler Installer Victoria B.C.

Boiler Installation

Industrial boiler installation requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians. The boiler must be lifted onto its base, bolted down, connected to utilities, and tested.

Installing a boiler requires specialized knowledge because there are many different types of boilers available today. Anker Mechanical is knowledgeable about the type of boiler you will have purchased and its installation requirements.

Once the boiler heating system is operational, it needs regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. This includes cleaning out the combustion chamber, flue liner, and air filter. 

If you need a boiler replacement, there are several things to consider.

  • First, you need to determine whether the existing boiler needs to be replaced or repaired.

  • Second, you should decide whether to replace the entire unit or just the heating elements.

  • Finally, you must select a brand of commercial boiler that meets your specific requirements.

Anker Mechanical for Boiler Installation

For industrial boiler installation in Victoria BC or on Southern Vancouver Island, Anker Mechanical offers free estimates on all jobs.


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