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Metal Fabrication Victoria BC

Anker Mechanical is proud to offer metal fabrication in Victoria BC and island-wide. Not only do we support the industrial, commercial and construction industries but we also take on personal and residential projects. As a specialist steel fabricator, we can create any custom metal products your residence or business may need as well as almost any type of personal metal working project you have in mind.

What is Fabrication? 

Metal fabricators produce metal items, parts and structures by cutting and forming metal. Fabrication also includes the assembly and finishing of products with the use of welding, painting and coating.

During the fabrication process, metal may also be combined with wires, hardware and other fittings as required.

Fabrication can involve the use of many metals. While steel and aluminum fabrication is our specialty, we work with the following metals:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Cast Iron

  • Other non-ferrous metals

Examples of Fabricated Metal Products

Products fabricated from metal are seen and used in all aspects of our lives, whether in industrial locations, within the construction of buildings, in commercial buildings or as ornamental decoration.

We can help with all your metal fabrication needs including:

  • Platforms

  • Ramps

  • Stairs

  • Walkways

  • Railings

  • Shelving

  • Commercial sinks

  • Storage units

  • Roofing

  • Tanks

  • Truck boxes

  • Machinery enclosures

  • Machinery

Whatever your metal fabrication needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

Steel Fabrication Near Me

Anker Mechanical offers all types of metal fabrication from our fabrication shop in Victoria BC. However, we offer our mobile fabrication services to businesses and industries across the whole of Vancouver Island, so if you need ‘metal fabrication near me’ we are the team to call.

Our team of highly skilled metal fabricators are trained to precisely and accurately cut, shape and assemble metal products by hand and machine, to produce a high-quality finished item.


Metal Fabrication Process: From Idea to Finished Product

When you contact Anker for a custom fabricated product, you can ensure we will guide you through every stage of the process from idea to finished product.

Following initial consultation and discussion, our team works on a design for the product, or we can work from the customer’s design.

Once the design is agreed upon, we get started on the production of your item. The exact process will differ depending on the item being fabricated, the processes required and the type of metal being used, but may include:

  • Cutting – by hand, using handheld gas torches or with machinery such as laser or waterjet technology.

  • Drilling – to create spaces or holes in the metal as required.

  • Assembling – utilizing welding and integrating wiring or hardware and finishing.

Finishing Fabrication on Site – We Can Come to You

When we are satisfied that your custom-fabricated product is complete and finished to our exacting standards, the item or items are ready to be collected.

We also offer on-site installation of any fabricated item to locations across Vancouver Island.


Our mobile welding team can bring all the equipment required for on-site assembly directly to your workplace to install it. 

From start to finish – Anker Mechanical will go the extra mile to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Need a Steel Fabricator?

If you are searching for ‘steel fabricators near me’, then look no further than Anker Mechanical. Our team of expert Victoria BC metal fabricators have the skills and experience to deliver what your business needs.

Contact us today to discuss all your metal fabricating needs.

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