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Custom Metal Work Direct from Our Metal Shop

From our Victoria BC metal shop, we can fulfill all your custom metal work needs. From simple welding tasks to complete fabrication projects, our qualified team can help when you need a ‘metal worker near me’.

In addition to our welding and complete metal fabrication services offered on-site, we also provide metal shop projects such as custom metal cutting, shaping and drilling for customers across the whole of Vancouver Island.

We are glad to work with you to produce one-offs, prototypes or full production runs of your required metal item. 

If you are looking for ‘metal working shops near me’ – look no further than Anker Mechanical for all your custom metal needs.

Services From Our Metal Shop

At Anker Mechanical we offer the complete metalworking services you would expect from a quality metal shop - from the creation of small parts to complete projects.

Some of the services available in our metal shop include:

  • Cutting – Precise cutting and shaping of sheet metal using techniques such as cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting. Drilling and hole cutting to precise measurements are also available.

  • Joining – Creating complete metal pieces with joinery using welding, soldering, brazing and mechanical fixings.

  • Finishing – Finishing treatments such as powder coating.

Custom Metal Works

In addition to the metalworking services above, we can also support your custom metal work projects. This is where we can get as creative as your imagination.

Whether it is custom metal railings for your business, with your logo or design integrated, or ornamental finishings for the outside of your business, we can work with you to find the right metal and metalworking solution.

Whatever your project, we’ll work closely with you from the first consultation to completion, including design, testing, production and finishing.

Custom Aluminum Boats from our Metal Shop

If you’re looking for an aluminum boat, but the wait list is too long at the boat shops, enquire with us instead.

Anker Mechanical now offers custom aluminum boat production from our metal shop in Victoria BC.

These boats are fabricated to your preference and welded in-house for a secure, reliable, watertight finish. We have many design options and customizations to choose from.


Metal Work Near Me

No matter where you are on Vancouver Island, we can help when you are looking for ‘metal works near me’. After the production of your item in our metal workshop, we can deliver anywhere on the island and can provide installation services if required.

Our mobile welding truck contains all the equipment our technicians require to complete installation and welding work on-site with your custom metal works.

Anker for all Your Metal Shop Projects

Whatever your metalworking project, from simple metal sheet cutting to complete product fabrication, our knowledgeable team at Anker Mechanical can assist. We’re always happy to offer advice and suggestions for the best metal and finishing options for your project.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your custom metal requirements.

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