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Welding Shop and Services in Victoria BC 

For All Your Welding, Fabrication and Metal Work Needs on Vancouver Island

If you’re looking for a reliable fabrication and welding company, look no further than Anker Mechanical Welding Ltd.

Anker Mechanical is your local Victoria BC based mechanical welder company, specializing in:

  • Welded mechanical systems

  • Mobile welding

  • Gas fitting

  • Boiler installation

  • Pipe fitting

  • Pressure pipe welding

  • Metal and aluminum fabrication and repairs

  • Metal work

  • Mechanical contracting

Offering welding services for commercial, institutional and light industrial settings, our qualified team provides both on and off-site welding and fabrication services.  We are accustomed to working on a wide array of steel and aluminum fabrication projects and repairs.

We also offer custom fabricated aluminum fishing boats – fabricated on-site at our metal shop in Victoria, BC.


Anker is complimented with a Class B contractor license, fabrication shop, gas contractor license, and multi-process CWB tickets, for a full-service welding application company.


Mobile Welding

For your convenience, we offer mobile welding services on-site at your home or business. Save the time, effort and expenses of dismantling and transporting your project to take it to a welding shop – we’ll come directly to you instead. Offering everything from repairs to complete construction projects, our reliable team will provide professional and personalized services every step of the way.

Metal Shop

We can accommodate all your custom metalwork project needs in our metal shop at our company headquarters in Victoria BC. From specific metal cutting requests to the creation of metal fence rails – no job is too big or small.



We also offer custom fabrication services - the building and assembly of metal structures either on-site or at our welding shop. Using cutting, bending and welding skills, we are able to work with most types of metal to create the custom-fabricated item you require.


Mechanical Contracting

Anker provides full mechanical contracting services, meaning they oversee mechanical projects for companies. Mechanical contracting includes managing the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, piping, electrical wiring, and other commercial business equipment.

A mechanical contractor coordinates the various contractors who are working on a particular project, ensuring that they're all working together efficiently.


Gas Fitting

Offering installation and maintenance services for gas lines in industrial, commercial and institutional settings. From setting up complete gas line systems for a new building to replacing or maintaining existing systems, our licensed technicians can tackle even the most complex of projects to your satisfaction.


Pipe Fitting

We also offer custom fabrication services - the building and assembly of metal structures either on-site or at our welding shop. Using cutting, bending and welding skills, we are able to work with most types of metal to create the custom-fabricated item you require.


Boiler Installation

There are two main types of commercial boilers: gas-fired and electric. Gas-fired boilers use natural gas to create heat, whereas electric boilers use electricity to create heat. Both types of boilers are safe and reliable, and they're typically very efficient at generating heat.

Welding Company Near Me

Anker Mechanical Welding Ltd was formed in 2020 by Jason Breitkreitz, who oversees and manages every project. Thanks to our unfailing customer service, we have become one of the most reliable and dependable welding companies on Vancouver Island. 

Don’t waste time searching for ‘welding companies near me’ as we offer our services across Vancouver Island, making our welding services local to you no matter your location.


Welding Service Near Me

Whether it’s a large-scale project or a small one-off job, we can offer our expertise to complete any task. We can assist with general fabrication and welding, gas and heating system pipe installation and custom metal work.

Anker Mechanical covers the whole of Vancouver Island, bringing our mobile welding services into your work site or location. This enables us to fabricate, install or fit metal work directly in place without having to dismantle and remove machinery and equipment. Being onsite allows us to work alongside your site manager and respond quickly to any changing needs.

Welding Shops Near Me

We have our own welding shop, where we can carry out bespoke fabrication and welding to create custom metalwork, which we can then deliver and install on-site if required.


Whether you need help on a small project or a larger job, Anker Mechanical Welding Ltd can help. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

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